stress [how sweat affects it]

When you sweat at Shape House, it’s all about you. Sweating is the perfect opportunity to relax, recharge, and reboot your mind and body, while unplugging from the demands of daily life. Stress can wreak havoc on the physical and psychological systems, often resulting in further anxiety. By sweating, you can break the cycle, regain your balance, and find your way back to your bones.

FAR infrared heat penetrates the sub-dermal layer to warm muscles, which encourages them to relax and expand. The body often retains stress as muscle tension, which then creates further trouble in the form of unsettling soreness, pain, and headaches. By relieving muscle strain, and releasing built-up lactic acid, infrared also helps to ease the associated fatigue and stress. This sort of deep muscle and psychological relaxation has been proven to boost immunity, mood, and energy. Sweating also provides a burst of endorphins, which heighten the sense of wellbeing and clear-headedness that accompanies relaxation.

By dedicating an hour to a FAR infrared sweat, you can quiet inner noise, escape the chaos of modern life, and refuel…all while catching up on your favorite TV show.