life [how sweat affects it]

The process of sweating is both literally and symbolically one of release: by sweating, you rid yourself of everything that you don’t need. While some of the negative substances that you eliminate during a sweat are physical toxins, you may find that sweating is the ideal way to flush out mental toxins as well.

People have used sweat rituals around the world for thousands of years to garner greater physical, mental, and spiritual well being, and sweating continues to be a widely used meditative aid. The body can manifest fear, tension, sadness, and anger, and even create chemical toxins in response to shifts in attitude. FAR infrared encourages the body to completely relax, while stimulating endorphin release, which helps alleviate negative emotions and provides clarity.

Sweating can help you to identify what matters to you, pinpoint what gets in the way of you having it, and eliminate it. Fears. Doubts. That negative voice at the back of your mind. Sweat it away, and go live your big life.