sweat more. save more.

If you want to commit to your wellness in the most financially efficient way possible, Shape House memberships are the way to go. Memberships provide an allotted number of discounted sweats or lymphatic drainage sessions per month, as well as rollover benefits, transferable sessions, and 20% off of any additional treatments.

We have three standard options available:

01 Buzzing

one session each month for [$57]

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02 Relaxing

four sessions each month for [$215]

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03 Glowing

eight sessions each month for [$400]

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[the not-so-fine print]

  • Membership entails a monthly recurring charge, which occurs every month on the same day of initial purchase.
  • A membership can only be charged to one credit card (that we keep on file), but sessions can be shared, so you can bring a friend and use your membership benefits to pay for their sweat.
  • Members receive priority booking at all Shape House locations.
  • Shape House only provides one type of sweat, and one lymphatic drainage, so the memberships are differentiated by the number of sessions provided each month.
  • Unused sessions rollover to the next month, for up to 3 months, as long as membership remains active.
  • You may cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your membership at any time. To do so, just send an email to info@shapehouse.com at least fifteen days prior to your next billing date.
  • Once a membership is cancelled any remaining sessions will remain available for use for one month past the last active membership period.