Our Story

Shape House was founded by entrepreneur, optimist, Harley rider, and sweat activist Sophie Chiche. It was born on September 21st, International Day of Peace, with good reason. We believe that the more people sweat, the more people are at peace. The more people are at peace, the more the world is at peace.

That is the moving force behind all that we do.

What we actually do is make you sweat, in the smartest, quickest, comfortable, and affordable way you can. We make you sweat because we want you to know how good it feels. How clear your mind gets. How deep your sleep goes. How light you feel.

We are open every day. We open early, and we close late, so that you can fit it in as easily as possible.

Sweating is about more than just us, and to be honest, it’s about even more than you. When you sweat, you are a better driver, a better parent, a better friend. You have more energy, you feel better in your body. You can be your best self. Maybe you go on to fix something or cure something or invent something that makes a world of difference to others because of that.

That is how highly we think of sweating.

We know. It’s probably not how you think of sweating.

So we’re sharing. In hopes that the next time you sweat, you’re inspired to think bigger. Transform. Heal. Grow and pay it forward.