The story of sweating

Sweating is an ancient wellness practice that dates back to Greek bathhouses in the 6th century B.C.E. Since then, sweating has played a pivotal role in many forms of cultural expression around the world, including spiritual ceremonies, healing rituals, and hygienic practices.

Sweating has long been recognized as a calming, restorative treatment for mind and body alike. When the Romans constructed public thermae, they not only created places where people could cleanse and relax, but also social centers for people to gather and share the experience. This communal philosophy of wellness has carried throughout the centuries and around the world, from the Scandinavian sauna to the Mesoamerican temazcal, the Arabic hammam, the South African sifutu, the Japanese onsen, the Native American sweat lodge, and the Russian banya.

Although each culture sweats differently, they do have one thing in common: the recognition that sweating is a natural and healthy way to help people reconnect with their deeper selves, and with one another. At Shape House, we strive to honor the rich traditions behind sweating while incorporating modern technology, so that we can make sweating a convenient, affordable, and nourishing experience for everyone.